All That We Know About The Latest iPhone 8 So Far

Apple’s iPhone 8 is already out with plenty of new features and is getting a lot of appreciation among the masses. Place your order now and grab one!

Apple’s much-anticipated new iPhones have already been announced and, in fact, iPhone 8 is available for sale too. Though the high-end iPhone X model from Apple is not out yet but the low-end model has made some headlines too. There are plenty of worth talking features that come with this new iPhone, despite the fact that it is believed to be very much the same as previous iPhone 7 on many fronts. So, as we said, there are enough new features in this low-end release from Apple and it’s really worth talking about.

Let’s discuss some of the best iPhone 8 features and try to find out what this new iPhone has come equipped with.

      1. A 11 Bionic SoC

The new iPhone 8 from Apple is powered by the state-of-the-art A11 bionic processor chip. The incremental release from previous A10 fusion chip, A 11 comes with 6 different cores featuring 4 high efficiency cores and 2 performance cores. It is powerful enough to support AR capabilities on the new iPhone and its power efficiency allows for optimizing battery life of your new iPhone as well.

      2.   Glass Design

One of the new things that have come to iPhone 8 is the new glass design. Apple has decided to introduce glass at the front and the back while there is that thick, conventional bezel on the sides. If you’re getting confused, remember, bezels go away in the iPhone X release. The glass that is used in the making of this iPhone is considered amongst the sturdiest glass available and your new iPhone won’t be damage-prone. So, just don’t worry about that.

     3.    iPhone 8 Display

Though not the OLED display, one that comes with iPhone X, the iPhone 8 still has to offer something special. As Apple calls it, the new iPhone comes equipped with 4.7” Super Retina HD Display with True Tone technology to offer sharper image quality than ever. There is support for 3D Touch available as well and a wider color gamut makes for a perfect image quality. In addition, the wider viewing angles now allow for viewing at your iPhone from just about any angle possible.
4. Home Button And Touch ID

Apple continues support for Home Button as well as Touch ID in its low-end iPhone models. The rumors that Apple will be revoking Home button as well as Touch ID support are also true but that goes for the high-end iPhone X model. As for the iPhone 8, it still comes with that circular Home button with a Touch ID sensor that is used as the device’s unlocking mechanism. 

      5.  Wireless Charging

Another great new capability of the iPhone 8, the latest smartphone from Apple can be charged wirelessly. There are third-party wireless charging pads available already while Apple plans to introduce its own AirPower charging pads next year. AirPower wireless charging pads from Apple will support simultaneous charging of your iPhone, AirPod and Apple Watch.
So, that all might be enough to convince you about the great new features of the latest release from Apple – the iPhone 8. If you’re wondering how much you need to spend on it, the new iPhone is available only for $699 and is already on sale. Don’t waste any more time and place your order right now!

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