Lego’s new Alexa skill has voice-guided instructions and tells stories

Lego’s new Alexa skill has voice-guided instructions and tells stories

Lego has released a brand new interactive skill on Amazon Alexa known as Lego Duplo Stories, an interactive experience that mixes storytelling with the brick toys. The skill is to be had on devices that guide Alexa, just like the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, and offers mother and father and kids a variety of testimonies with audio prompts that manual physical play.

Duplo Stories contain getting individuals to build matters with the brick pieces as they undergo the story. There are multiple situations to select from, concerning animals like rabbits, cows, cats, and puppies, and transportation like trucks, planes, vehicles, and trains. One tale as an instance, entails a plane taking place excursion. The plane will go to a warm or cold region, depending on what you pick out to p.C.. Lego says the tales are designed to develop skills along with social and cognitive competencies, roleplaying, shade reputation, choosing instructions, and figuring out characters.

Users can simply say “Alexa, open Lego Duplo Stories,” and comply with the voice activates to start the enjoy. Lego Duplo Stories covers ten themes and work with new and present Duplo sets. Lego notes that kids and mother and father can still interact with the skill despite the fact that they don’t have all the essential Lego portions.

“Voice is such a effective device for play as it is one of the most human methods of interacting. Long before we can type, read or manage a tool, we listen and talk,” said James Poulter, Head of Emerging Platforms & Partnerships at Lego in a statement. Lego stated its Amazon skill is a “direct reaction” to the feedback it receives from parents.

As a toddler I continually cherished getting my mother and father examine to me, but once in a while they’d be too busy to. I believe I might have cherished having a skill like this as a baby, in particular given that you manipulate the story thru selections, form of like a current model of these pick out-your-personal-adventure novels famous within the 80s and 90s.

The Lego Duplo Stories skill is supposed for youngsters aged between 2 and 5, and it’s to be had now.

A Home Robot Could Be Amazon's Next Gamble

A Home Robot Could Be Amazon's Next Gamble

Amazon plans to bring a domestic robotic to marketplace as early as 2019.

Codenamed "Vesta," after the Roman goddess of home and circle of relatives, the venture is several years vintage, but hiring for it currently has ramped up with an eye fixed toward setting prototypes in personnel' homes by the end of the year, Bloomberg stated Monday, bringing up people acquainted with the plans.

The robot will be a cell smart speaker, Bloomberg's sources speculated. Some variations of the product apparently have cameras and computer vision software program that permit them to tour via a home like a self-using automobile.

A homebot could be Amazon's manner of boosting its function in the domestic technology market, in which it already has a robust lineup of merchandise.

"Amazon would not genuinely have a strong position in mobile, so it has been doubling down in domestic era," said Ross Rubin, important analyst at Reticle Research.

A Better Alexa

A robotic assistant could give Amazon a similarly side over opponents including Google within the related domestic area, stated Deborah Weinswig, CEO of Coresight Research.

"Amazon Echo already has a lead over Google Home in terms of ownership, in step with consumer surveys and market percentage statistics, and Amazon's Echo Show and Echo Dot enjoy a visual area over Google Home devices," she instructed TechNewsWorld.

"We may want to see this product evolve the Alexa enjoy from one including a digital assistant right into a physical assistant," Weinswig added.

What's more, Amazon's investments in synthetic intelligence may want to come into play with a robotic product.

"Those investments might be leveraged very well with an advanced robotic," Reticle's Rubin told TechNewsWorld.

"Alexa can provide a range of commands to objects in the home, but those items can't fulfill obligations the way a robot can," he stated. "It may want to kind groceries, solution the door, fetch a drink from the refrigerator, or fold the laundry."

Privacy Concerns

An in-domestic robotic could make the Alexa voice device an excellent more seamless enjoy, said Jack O'Leary, senior analyst at PlanetRetail RNG.

"Amazon wishes Alexa to be ubiquitous, intertwined with as many elements of the client's existence as feasible," he advised TechNewsWorld. "A cellular robotic geared up with Alexa capabilities will allow for general home insurance more without problems to customers, making it so they do not need to installation and coordinate person Alexa gadgets in every room."

Amazon's choice to be ubiquitous, even though, can also provide some consumers pause. There is probably resistance to letting a robot extension of Amazon wander around their homes.

"The market has growing worries round privacy with current statistics scandals involving different tech businesses." O'Leary cautioned.

"Alexa and associated devices are an decide-in system in which customers engage with the platform to the level they're most secure with, which really alleviates that subject," he persisted.

"Despite this, I do assume some human beings's worries around what a tool like this robot way for privacy and information collection inside the domestic might be inhibiting to its adoption with the aid of some customers," said O'Leary, "but virtually now not enough to keep it again from achievement inside the market."

Home Robots

Home robots were round for decades but without much success. A exceptional exception is Roomba, by iRobot, which performs a single function: vacuuming. It has bought greater than 20 million gadgets seeing that 2002.

IRobot's inventory sank eight.6 percentage after news broke of Amazon's robot plans, Bloomberg stated.

Robot vacuum cleaners constitute a skinny marketplace sliver, in step with Parks Associates. They may be found in just 5-6 percentage of broadband households.

"It's not a breakout product, but it's far and beforehand the most normally adopted robotic assistant," Parks Research Analyst Dina Abdelrazik informed TechNewsWorld.

However, at 11-12 percentage, the variety of broadband families that owned each a robot cleaner and a smart speaker became slightly higher than the number that owned a robot purifier by myself, Parks additionally determined.

"There's simply an overlap in the marketplace there," Parks analyst Kristen Hanich told TechNewsWorld, "that Amazon can be going after."

Gmail Privacy and Security Get Ruggedized

Gmail Privacy and Security Get Ruggedized

Google on Wednesday rolled out more than a few of recent features designed to make its G Suite collaboration and productivity apps more efficient and safer to use.

G Suite currently has extra than 4 million paying enterprise clients, according to Google.

The updates consist of a new layout, better safety and synthetic intelligence additives, and higher integration of G Suite apps -- inclusive of Gmail, that is getting a state-of-the-art look.

The overhaul already has been rolled out to a few agencies thru the G Suite Early Adopter Program. Personal Gmail users can opt in by selecting "attempt the new Gmail" below Settings.

The adjustments comply with the advent last month of anti-phishing protections in reaction to enterprise e mail compromise (BEC) threats -- for instance, a person impersonating an govt so one can accumulate touchy records.

Those efforts -- which consist of warning users or robotically shifting suspected phishing emails to junk mail -- already have succeeded in blocking 99.9 percentage of BEC tries, Google noted.

Google will now not experiment Gmail in any way for the motive of targeting ads, and no commercials might be proven in Gmail for G Suite clients, Google said.

Email Confidential

Google has taken privacy protection up a notch with the introduction of Gmail personal mode -- a manner to defend sensitive content material. Options include adding an expiration date characteristic and permitting customers to revoke formerly sent messages. Emails can also require additional authentication thru a textual content message before recipients can view them, which can add protection against account hacking.

Confidential mode includes built-in facts rights management controls that permit senders to bar recipients from forwarding, copying, downloading or maybe printing messages. This functionality is meant to lessen the chance of accidentally sharing private facts with the incorrect humans.

The confidentially mode can be rolled out within the coming weeks.

New Warnings and Tasks

G Suite's Gmail security warnings are becoming a makeover, which must lessen instances of users ignoring them. The new warnings are larger and bolder.

Gmail also has acquired an synthetic intelligence improve, including new capability which includes Nudging, Smart Reply and excessive-priority notifications to assist with user productiveness.

Nudging, for instance, proactively reminds users to respond to messages. Smart Reply, which was introduced last year for cell gadgets, has been rolled out to the Web version of Gmail.

The new high-priority notifications are designed to make certain that customers are notified simplest of crucial messages, so that interruptions may be stored to a minimum.

The in-field has been up to date with new gear that allow customers to do things like RSVP to a assembly invitation, archive an email danger, or even snooze an electronic mail to postpone handling to a later time.

Gmail has been incorporated with different G Suite programs to make it less complicated to create and edit Calendar invitations and control Tasks.

Google enhanced the Gmail Adds-ons for higher integration with 0.33-birthday party business apps.

How Suite It Is

None of the brand new functions will alternate fundamentally the manner Gmail usually is used, but they ought to make users sense greater comfy about sending personal statistics through email.

"Most people will welcome those updates and upgrades, even though they won't all be similarly used," stated Greg Sterling, vice chairman of method and perception at the Local Search Association.

"Confidential mode could be broadly adopted by means of organisation customers, and the improved protection and warnings capabilities are also wanted and useful," he informed.

"The largest takeaway from the changes to G Suite is Google's awareness on supplying customers more finely grained protection and privateness capabilities," stated Charles King, essential analyst at Pund-IT.

"Some of the capabilities -- the potential to automobile-delete messages, revoke previously sent messages, and upload 'clever' vehicle replies -- might also appearance fairly pedestrian," he advised, "but they are reachable capabilities that many enterprise human beings will recognize."

More broadly, these functions come at a time while many users have been scrutinizing and reconsidering huge-scale IT agencies' privacy practices, King found.

"In different words, Google's transparency and its willingness to assist customers higher relaxed their emails and different work functions could not come at a higher time," he suggested.

"Overall, those are advantageous adjustments," cited LSA's Sterling. "Power users will get the maximum from them, at the same time as normal customers will in all likelihood not take full advantage and could continue to depend on basic e-mail functionality."

Snap Doubles Down on Spectacles Wearable Cam

Snap Doubles Down on Spectacles Wearable Cam

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, on Thursday released the second generation of its Spectacles, a wearable video camera that captures short clips that can be synced to a smartphone. The new version also takes still photos and is designed to be water-resistant.

The new Spectacles sport the same basic Ray-Ban style design as the first iteration, but they have been slimmed down and are less bulky -- a good thing both for wearing the glasses and transporting them. In addition, users have more color options. They include the ever-fashionable onyx, as well as ruby and sapphire.

The result of the makeover is that the new version looks much more like an actual pair of sunglasses than a wearable video camera.

This second-generation product offers more than a new look for the exterior, however. The connectivity between the device and the user's handset has been improved, making it easier to share videos and still photos. The software has been improved as well, and the Spectacles can create an ad hoc WiFi network for sharing content to mobile phones.

The Spectacles are available for order in the United States, Canada, the UK and France for US$150 -- a $20 increase over the original model. Availability will be expanded to include much of Europe next week. As with the original model, the new Spectacles are compatible with devices running Google's Android OS and Apple's iOS.

Fun the in the Sun

Spectacles aren't designed for capturing long-form videos -- and in that way they are akin to a poor's man answer to Google's Glass. They take short videos to chronicle "moments" -- similar to the experience Vine or Glide offers. With the second-generation Spectacles, users can record 10-second videos -- same as the first model -- but there are options to record 20-second or 30-seond videos as well.

The new Spectacles offer an upgrade in video resolution -- an increase of 25 percent to 1,216 x 1,216. It isn't high definition, but it still represents a notable improvement in quality. Still photo resolution is an impressive 1,642 x 1,642.

With the new Spectacles, Snap also has doubled down in terms of audio. In addition to the single microphone that is meant to record the wearer, the new version of the glasses includes a second mic to record anyone close to the wearer.

Making a Spectacle

The original Spectacles weren't exactly a huge hit when Snap released them a year and a half ago -- far from it, in fact. That could be blamed in part on the company's distribution methods. The glasses initially were sold exclusively via the company's pop-up vending machine, dubbed "Snapbot." The glasses were made available for online purchase a few months later, but they failed to catch on with consumers.

Reviews of the first Spectacles were mostly positive, but consumers seemed unimpressed. Sales of the original glasses reportedly numbered around 150,000 -- far less than the number produced.

Even worse for the company was the fact that only about half of those who purchased the first-generation wearable cameras continued to use them after the first month.

As a result of the poor Spectacles sales, Snap laid off about 7 percent of its total workforce, and it had to write down nearly $40 million at the end of 2017 related to the unsold glasses and retailer cancellations.

Second Shot

Given the poor reception of the original Spectacles, it may seem odd the company would try again. However, the glasses could represent Snap's best chance to become more than a service that provides expiring private messages. Entering the consumer electronics hardware market could give it an edge in the competition among social media rivals.

"The new Spectacles are high risk, but also high potential reward for the company," said Roger Kay, principal analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associates.

"Snap has been struggling for mind share against Instagram -- and losing," he told TechNewsWorld.

"If these glasses are usable, they could be a distinctive brand element -- and like Apple, Snap has to get it right in order to create the category," added Kay.

"There were MP3 players before the iPod, but Apple pulled it all together," he noted. "There still seem to be limitations with this revision, and I never understand why companies don't limit steps to the bare minimum. Really, the default should be one-touch upload."

Caught on Camera

Spectacles could be a product that aims to solve a problem that doesn't exist. Given the proliferation of camera phones -- some with very advanced features -- it's not clear there's a consumer need for a wearable camera.

"That is the biggest flaw of the Snap camera glasses," said Roger Entner, principal analyst at Recon Analytics.

"It creeps out people, and they don't want to be recorded without their consent," he told TechNewsWorld. "The biggest benefit is you can record at any time in a very convenient way, but that scares people."

Spectacles could have some acceptable uses, but "in order for camera glasses to succeed, society has to either come up with a proper framework or a new system of consent," suggested Entner.

"Nobody wants people to wear these glasses in certain circumstances -- like in a bathroom," he pointed out.

For Snap, resolving the social acceptability and etiquette issues might not come quickly enough, according to Kay. "Snap needs this win to survive."

Great TED Talks About Car Technology

If you’ve got a passion for entrepreneurship or are interested in the progress of automobile technology, listening to TED talks is a great way to learn about current advancements in the field.  Some of the brightest and most charismatic speakers gather at TED talks to talk about transformative projects, research breakthroughs, and innovative technology in the automotive industry.
The following is a guide that summarizes some of the best talks regarding car technology.

My Dream of a Flying Car by Paul Moller
If you’re interested in futuristic, innovative design with the potential to transform the transportation sector, you’ll love Paul Moller’s talk about the Moller Skycar. In his 15-minute speech, Paul Moller, the president, CEO, and chair of Moller International, details his vision of car-jet hybrids that would encourage drivers to move off the roads and take to the skiesusing hover disc technology.
Moller has been working on vertical takeoff and landing (VTL) personal vehicles since the late 60s. Although, as of 2016, no Moller car has been able to make a successful, untethered flight, Moller’s research and designs shouldn’t be dismissed. Rather, they should be viewed as the first steps toward freer personal travel.

Making a Car for Blind Drivers by Dennis Hong
In his 2011 TED talk, Dennis Hong, the founder and director of RoMeLa, one of Virginia Tech’s robotics labs, proposes a solution to the independent travel problem that plagues many individuals with disabilities, namely those with vision impairment.
Hong describes how,by using video cameras, advanced GPS systems, robotics, and laser rangefinders,it’s possible to develop cars for individuals who are blind. Hong stresses these cars shouldn’t be categorized as self-driving vehicles. Rather, they would be cars that allow those without sight to determine their speed, route, and distance, and travel independently.

Reinventing the Car by Larry Burns
Although his talk is a little over a decade old, former General Motor’s vice president Larry Burn’s short lecture on the future of car technology is a must-see for any tech or automobile enthusiast. Burns is an advocate for alternate forms of fuel and pollution-reducing technology such as hydrogen fuel cells.
At TED, Burns also talks about the types of car customization, sustainability, and innovationsleaders in the auto industry want to implement. Things have changed in the twelve years since he spoke to the public about the future of cars, but his talk serves as an excellent benchmark to measure how far modern cars have advanced.

A New Ecosystem for Electric Cars by Shai Agassi
As a green auto engineer with a foundation in the software industry, Shai Agassi proposes solutions to what he calls the world’s “fossil-fuel habit.” Agassi was inspired to pursue greener car technology at a Young Global Leaders conference in 2005and has been working with prominent names in the auto business like Nissan-Renault.
Agassi advocates for electric cars, claiming that hybrids are too oil-dependent and can’t offer the freedom from fossil fuels that the world really needs. Countries like Israel and Denmark are also on board with his ideas, pushing to mostly, if not completely, do away with their usage of crude oil by 2020.

A Future Beyond Traffic Gridlock
Larry Burns isn’t the only corporate head with a passion for innovation in the automobile industry. In 2011, Henry Ford’s great-grandson and former executive chair of Ford Motor Company, Bill Ford, took to the stage to speak about the infrastructure and automobile needs of an increasing population.
Ford believes that it’s important for the autoindustryto invest in innovative infrastructure not only to benefit the environmentbut also to accommodate an increasingly mobile public. Ford’s talk details hisvisions for smart roads that help reduce traffic and make the planet a greener place.

Google’s Driverless Car
Tesla, Inc. isn’t the only major company attempting to turn the way we use cars on its head. At TED 2011, Sebastian Thurn, a Computer Science and Electrical Engineering professor at Stanford University and director of the Stanford AI Lab, spoke about his experience helping build Google’s driverless car.
Inspired by his robotics research and a personal desire to find technological ways to reduce traffic accidents, Thurn hopes to use his knowledge and expertise to contribute to advances in car technology. The driverless car he helped build passed numerous road tests, including successfully navigating through city traffic, and it went on the win the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2005. The car is now displayed at the Smithsonian museum.

The Future of Racecars by Chris Gerdes
Autonomous vehicles are, without a doubt, the future of the auto industry. Increasing the number of driverless cars on the road could potentially reduce the number of car accidents and traffic jams and minimize travel times. However, self-driving can be applied to more than just personal commutes, as Dr. Chris Gerdes, a mechanical engineer and director of the Center for Automotive Research explained at TEDx Stanford in 2012.
Using pioneering robotics technology, it’s possible to make autonomous racecars that can drive up to 150 miles per hour. Although racing fans and professional racers might have misgivings about changing the nature of the sport, self-driving racecars would be able to travel fast while avoiding most if not all accidents.

What a Driverless World Could Look Like by Wanis Kabbaj
Last, but certainly not least,is a thought piece from TED@UPS (United Problem Solvers), a multi-year collaborative project that focuses on the “what if” aspects of various fields. In this 2016 talk, Wanis Kabbaj attempts to paint a picture of the future that might be a lot closer than we think: a society where all cars are autonomous.
As the UPS director of global strategy for healthcare logistics, Wanis Kabbaj has more than 16 years of experience working with various global organizations and understands how widespread access to revolutionary technology can be beneficial to society.
Transportation is one of Kabbaj’s passions, and his love for finding ways new technology can solve world problems is evident in his speech. Kabbaj asks the audience to envision a world where transportation isn’t limited to the road but utilizes airways as well as roadways. He also describes the steps individuals can take to make this world of autonomous transportation a reality.

White Hat SEO Case Study: How To Get a #1 Ranking

You most likely do this as of now – finish consistent searches in Google for your key phrases and perceive how high you rank. It's notable that the initial three results are by a wide margin the sites that get the most snaps.

In the event that you can get one of the main three results in your key terms then you will have more targeted visitors going to your site. On the off chance that you can get the main outcome, well that is far and away superior. Obviously every one of your competitors needs to do likewise.

An incredible aspect concerning Google is that is updates much of the time. That little GoogleBot is occupied all day, every day indexing the web to ensure everybody finds the best solutions to their search questions.

 I've as of late been playing with a technique that I thought may be worth trying and in light of the fact that Google has refreshed so rapidly I've possessed the capacity to get an outcome inside fourteen days, and I got the ideal outcome – a main ranking for one of the key phrases I was after.

Actually this technique worked so well that I got the main outcome for a related search phrase as well!

A Quick and Easy Google SEO Trick

The technique I utilized was to put a promotion in an especially highly ranked classified site. For this situation it was the popular site Craigslist. This site is the first free classifieds trading community that has turned into an overall wonder driven by listening in on others' conversations.

 In any case, that is not critical. What is imperative is that Craigslist is extremely well known and has a high Page Rank, and above all you can put a free promotion on the site whenever you need to.

There are confinements and impediments however it is anything but difficult to do, there is no reason you shouldn't make a promotion or two. It's free promotion for your business that may happen to likewise help with your placement in Google SERPs.

Key Term: SERP – Short for Search Engine Results Page, the Web page that a search engine comes back with the results of its search. The significant search engines ordinarily show three sorts of postings on their SERPs. Postings that have been indexed by the search engine's spider, postings that have been indexed into the search engine's catalog by a human, and postings that are paid to be recorded by the search engine.

A Practical Test

Proposal Proofreader in Google results for testing I was after the search phrase "Postulation Proofreader" for my business site's proposition proofreading administration. I entered the term into Google and saw that a Craigslist section was accepting a high outcome; however the subject and keywords were not highly targeted.
In any case they were sufficient to get a third page result in Google for that term. I went in and made an extremely straightforward advertisement in Craigslist that specifically targeted my keywords and possibly 14 days after the fact I had the main outcome for that term in the Google worldwide SERP.
Additionally on the grounds that I had utilized the expression "Paper" in the subject of the promotion I figured out how to secure the principal page result for "Exposition Proofreader" too. Not awful hello.

A Bit Hit and Miss

I was shocked that it filled in and also it showed improvement over to expect that great an outcome without fail. One vital thought in my test is that there simply isn't much rivalry for my search phrase; henceforth it was anything but difficult to get the top outcome.
On the off chance that your market is more competitive your outcome likely won't be as great. Craigslist erases promotions in 45 days so it's not a lasting outcome it is possible that, you should continue backpedaling to reproduce your advertisement on the off chance that you need to keep the outcome.

You ought to make certain to check the present results in Google to check whether any free posting sites like Craigslist are pulling up high results for your terms. On the off chance that you make them advertise money to spend, check whether any compensation for-section directories or classifieds are pulling high results as well.

On the off chance that there are then there is a decent possibility that on the off chance that you make a very much targeted advertisement you will have positive results.

It's imperative to do search research first so you know which city postings in Craigslist are pulling the high results. In a perfect world for an online business that can benefit the world you would have a Craigslist posting for each city, yet that just may not be practical and may break the Craigslist leads in any case.

With search research you figure out which city is pulling the best results for your terms, which could be brought on by an entire number of reasons – backlinks to that specific Craigslist city, key terms – the measure of factors to consider are outside human ability to understand, let Google handle that and simply take the results on face esteem.

Set aside the opportunity to find the best city in light of flow search results and place your entrance in that city at any rate. On the off chance that your business is particularly targeted at a geographical zone then it is a smart thought to do a complete advertisement in your Craigslist city (if accessible) also, it positively won't hurt.

It's additionally critical to note that there is nothing halting competitors doing likewise as you. The SEO war may spread into Craigslist and sloppy the site, which would most likely provoke a clampdown on business postings in Craigslist. Maybe this technique is best for those working in little or a remarkable venture since it is improbable that competitive activity will demolish it for everybody.

Additionally take note of that Google itself is a totally wild factor in this equation. Google may conclude that it will no longer number Craigslist passages. Possibly it will choose to index for specific terms.

Simply acknowledge that you can't control what Google chooses to do, however you can test to perceive what results you can get. Not attempting ensures no results.

It's Too Easy Not to Test

There is no justifiable reason motivation to not utilize this technique. Classified sites need postings, it's their main thing. You could conceivably accomplish better search engine results yet in any event quite possibly a program may discover your promotion and come shopping at your business.

It requires next to no investment and more often than not is free so get out there and begin making those free advertisements. Simply recollect to utilize the correct keywords and don't go over the edge, you don't need all you're approaching links to originate from free directories in light of the fact that over the long haul Google may punish your results.

Take note of: The links in the article to Google search results were flow for the date that this article was published. There is a decent possibility that the Google search links no longer approve the test finished for this article since Craigslist just permits advertisements to remain online for 45 days and Google continually invigorates search results.
In any case it is as yet a decent practice to advertise your business in free online classified sites – it's free promoting,

Just pick the legitimate and mainstream authority sites and get caught up with making advertisements.

About the Author

Saurav Deo is Fountain Head of ShoutMakersDream and a passionate blogger. Basically, love to write about digital marketing. 

What Do You Look for in Best Buy Tablets?

Choose the best buy tablets for you. Most who have never owned a tablet before but are eager to shop for one may find it difficult to choose the most suitable model. For one, there are so many brands to choose from, you will find it hard to even think of possibly the most basic question of all: an android tablet or an Apple tablet?

Of course Apple tablets cost so much more and are definitely more efficient than your ordinary model; however the price and the brand may not just be the features that you are looking for in a tablet. Here are things that you may need to consider in buying a tablet.

·     Operating system

In choosing best buy tablets the first thing that you must consider is the device’s operating system. Just like in laptops and PCs, operating system is the heart of a device. You need to find the most efficient and the most reliable OS to suit your needs. The Apple iOS is one of its plusses; it is seamless, easy to use and users find it intuitive. Leading android OS are from Google’s line of mobile OS and if you want the best and the most efficient then get a tablet with the latest Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. If the iOS is reliable and seamless the Jelly Bean is versatile and could work with multiple users or logins.

Of course, the best buy tablets don’t forget the competitive Windows phones and tablets that are getting a large share of the market these days. For users who simply cannot part with their PCs then a tablet with Windows 7 or Windows 8 may be the best option for you. Every application and program that you have grown to love in a PC is available in portable tablet form.

 Tablet screen size

You would want a tablet with a larger screen size since you would surely love to enjoy music videos, movies and games in a larger screen. You may choose from as large as a 10.1 inch screen and screens with impressive features like multi-touch functions, capacitive touch screens and high definition displays.


Of course you would need to look for tablets that are capable of connecting via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB so that you can enjoy faster and seamless data transfer as well as Internet connection. Possible larger storage capacity (expandable via memory card slot) is also very important especially when you are into songs, movies, videos and downloading files from the internet. These are important in the best buy tablets.

      Other important features

Best buy tablets must also provide suitable audio, with helpful apps, HDMI outputs, with HDMI outputs to connect to a monitor, high definition televisions and projectors, with built-in front view and rear view cameras and are Energy Star compliant/certified.

     Price and warranties

When it comes to price, the best buy tablets need to be reasonably-priced after all; there is no price for high quality and impressive features. Also be particular about product warranties, accessories and parts in case your device needs service while it is still in warranty.

      A Comparison of Tablet Operating Systems

The operating system is the heart of every tablet computing device. Just like in PCs, operating systems dictate what you can basically do with your handy device and if you are in the market for the best tablets, here are different tablets and their corresponding operating systems.

      The iPad iOS

The current iPad model carries the iOS 6. The iOS prides itself as the most advanced operating system with its easy to use interface, unique features, stable computing and intuitive capabilities. The iOS has been the foundation of all Apple portable computing devices and what makes it better than most tablet OS is that it has more built-in apps, with Siri, Apple’s voice recognition application and with the iOS 6 there are more features to enjoy like built-in maps,  shared photo streams, Passbook and FaceTime to name a few.

       The Android phone operating system

Android phones use Google’s android OS and the latest is the Google Jelly Bean. What’s convenient in using an android phone is that its operating system allows users to take Google anywhere they want to go and we all know that Google provides total web convenience compared to other browsers. With Google in your tablet you can use Google and Google Chrome, use Google Maps, enjoy Google Play, watch and upload videos in YouTube and connect and share with Google +. There are also convenient widgets, apps and notifications that you can use with your device; multitasking is also a breeze especially when you have the latest android operating system in your tablet computing device.

      The Windows phone Windows OS

The Windows phone is a cool way to use Windows applications while you are on the go. These convenient devices uses the Windows family OS with the latest Windows 8. And since this device runs on Windows, you can pretty much do anything that you can do with your personal computer like use Office applications (Word, Excel, One Note, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.) and you may also multitask to your heart’s content. With a Windows phone, your operating system and software updates are delivered straight to your phone and applications for the phone are available at the Windows Phone Store.

     The BlackBerry OS

A BlackBerry device runs on BlackBerry OS which was developed by BlackBerry Ltd for its smart phones. Compared to other tablets and smart phones, the BlackBerry OS allows faster multitasking and total ease of use since it was made especially for the applications and devices that run with the BlackBerry. This portable device has several unique accessories like the track wheel, trackball and the track pad that are run exclusively with the use of the BlackBerry operating system. Another unique capability of this OS is that it can support corporate email and even synchronization with other platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Novell and for Lotus Domino. Updates with the BlackBerry OS are available through wireless carriers as well as support for the OS. The latest version operating system for this handy computing device is the BlackBerry 10.

Author Bio: Katie is a woman who love writing about technology on Hubnames. She has just published tablets review.