Five things you didn't know about your blade server

In today's high tech world, the idea has always been to make devices, from computers to mobile phones and tablets, smaller and more portable. The same principle applies to server technology with the blade server specifically designed for its compactness and modularity. Because blade servers are significantly smaller than rack or tower servers are, it is possible for data centers to pack more of them in the same space used by the older server systems. Blade servers cut down on the need for data center space, on maintenance time and on remote assistance requirements. Compaq Computer invented the first blade server and now Hewlett-Packard is the leading supplier of blade technology. According to HP product marketing director, John Gromala, "A blade server is a perfect fit for SMBs that are growing at a rapid pace or that want to be prepared for future growth and advances in technology." "Small businesses can use blade systems for simple tasks like sharing files and printers, and deploy applications.” However, many people may lack information on or have misconceptions about blade servers, so below is a list of five items that can help clarify matters on this increasingly popular server option.
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