Revolutionary technological lifestyle of the 21st Century

Technology is knowledge of tools and crafts used to facilitate people in different life aspects to generate efficiency and optimize time or money and all kinds of resources. Technology, in many societies, has helped develop advanced economies .Technology basically refers to tools or machines that may be utilized to solve real world issues or satisfy needs for the advantage of life. The rise of communication technology is a modern example, which has reduced barriers to human interaction and has helped produce new subcultures; the cyber culture that has been formed with computer and internet as its base. It is not a must that all technology boosts culture in a creative way. Many technological processes produce unwanted by products, such as pollution reduces natural resources, and also damage the Earth or its environment. A good example of this is the use of machines, cars, etc, in such a way that it increases the contamination in environment, by producing a huge amount of CO2 that enhances the consequences of global warming.

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