4 Important Steps Every Business Should Take Before Moving Their Data over to the Cloud

One of the biggest concerns for business owners moving over to the cloud has and always will be security. Not having hard copies of the data in your business seems scary to a lot of people as they constantly fear all of their hard work can be erased at the click of a mouse or stolen by some random person with a laptop at Starbucks. Data recovery is another hotly debated topic. Any quality cloud provider with IT managed services will have your data saved in a primary server offsite from your business and a backup in case that one fails. This is why the cloud is considered a safer option for those whose business is in an area prone to natural disasters. The big question business owners ask here is who all can access their data from this server. All of this and more is addressed when initially setting up managed hosting through your cloud provider. Here are seven key points to address when signing a contract with a cloud provider to ensure quality security of your data:
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