What the iPhone killed

Do you know, what makes most of products from Apple Inc successful, in terms of revenue and popularity in spite of comparatively higher pricing they have? Well, simply put, they have a special touch on them — a touch of innovation and freshness! As you might know, Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple Inc, was the one who blended this touch of innovation for the first time, and devices that followed Macintosh did not hesitate to benefit this blend. Among all products of Apple Inc, however, iPhone is something exceptional. Albeit the fact that almost every product from that company had altered consumer electronics industry, in a way or another, Apple iPhone had totally transformed the Smartphone concept itself. And, now, we have iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus before us, with impressive and productive features. If it was multi-touch was in first iPhone, its ninth version has some productive features to offer!
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