Improve Your Brand Image Using Technology And Get More Borrowers

With the increase in competition in every sector, standing out of the crowd is the only viable option to achieve market share. Organizations and individuals are in pursuit of a better brand image and more business with mortgage software solutions.

In today’s age of digitized society, there is some need for paying heed to ones image, professionally and personally. It has become more important than ever before. Consumers are used to finger-touch purchase mechanisms, which have advanced tools for purchase comparison, flexible payment options, and lucid buying procedures. Therefore, consumers want the same experience. Applying or purchasing a loan needs to be compared with different loan policies, before zeroing in on one of them.  

Lending institutions capitalize on this behavior and try to offer better experiences to borrowers. It has been seen that potential borrowers undertake extensive research on their mobile phones and tablets while looking for loan.

That is where smart lending institutions can intercept them, with their new products and services. Selling loans is tricky business, where the window to impress customers is very less.

Customers need to have their doubts addressed from single source. They want the loan process to be less cumbersome, fast, and reliable. While buying loans, which are long-term commitments, customers seek maximum communication from the institutions. They hate numb one-way communications; rather prefer interactive message boxes, where queries can be answered. 

Simplicity is the best way to enhance ones brand image and auto-fill of submission forms can be one such option. To draw more customers, the entire verification process can be online. Photographs and documents along with checks can be attached within a few clicks.

The idea is to shorten the loan-processing cycle and give a better experience to borrowers every time. It is advisable to make the organizational website as informative and interactive as possible. Customers tend to have their first impression from a website. They develop trust based on customer reviews given on it and model their future decisions based on the same.  
One of the best ways to achieve more customers is investment in professional branding exercises. But you need to know your targets. A lot of expense goes into hiring experts and developing campaign material, none of which can be wasted by shooting in the dark. Data-driven targeting can be achieved by developing one’s own platform, with mortgage software for different social media platforms and other touch points.

Leading institutions allocate dedicated client relationship managers, who act as single-window contacts for customers queries. This invokes a feeling of trust, as customers are able to get their doubts clarified in no time, leaving no room for suspicion. This is besides an automated system which lets customers resolve their queries.  

In today’s digital world, marketing without search engine optimization is unthinkable. Therefore, adequate efforts should be taken by organization IT teams. Prospective customers will usually choose between the first two of their search results. With the help of big data, organizations can also launch email campaigns to prospective customers, based on their credit scores, and increase their organic traffic. If any prospect has inquired about a hose or a car, the institution may then send an email according to customer preferences. No amount of tactics can be helpful, without the proper help of analytics. Big data, along with advanced analytics, can be of immense help to lending organizations, as it makes underwriting swifter, mortgage deals more customized, and customers happy. It gives a whole lot of insight on past buying pattern and choices for you to maximize your information-driven results.  

Author bio:
Ashly J is a finance software consultant and has over 8 years of experience in Mortgage Lending Technology. She has also worked in several process improvement projects for global customers in mortgage servicing software management and warranty management

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