Should I Learn Swift or Objective-C As A Beginner iOS App Developer?

A lot of people, who have an interest in developing an iOS application, have one major question in their mind that whether they should learn Swift or Objective-C to make an application. Talking about the Swift language, it is a brand-new programming language that released by Apple in 2014.

The language has taken the whole community of iOS by surprise. Since last two years, the Swift core team has restated rapidly, releasing various major and minor versions of the language to the community’s delight and dismay.

For existing developers, Swift has some of the wonderful inferences as it has introduced a little bit of complexity for newbies, who are looking to learn iOS development. Moreover, Swift language is a lot less verbose than Objective-C, so you just need to write less code to get the same results.

Swift or Objective-C – Which Language You Should Learn?

Both Swift and Objective-C have their own features and importance, so you should learn both the programming languages. To get a clear idea why exactly, let’s talk about the merits of learning each language on its own.

You can find a lot of articles and blogs on the web that touch on this topic method it from the standpoint of an existing developer and vendor features like lack of pointers and type safety as none of which matter to beginners.

Reasons to Learn Swift

Learning Swift is a good choice for you if you want to understand the basics of programming language. This advanced programming language is much easier to work with. Though, Objective-C is more than 30 years old and was written at a time when different considerations had to be made about how we interacted with computers.

Even today, these considerations are highly important to know and comprehend and can make learning the basics of programming quite complex. The first point that you should consider is the basics of a programming language are a lot easier and simpler to comprehend with Swift than with Objective-C.

Interactive Environment

When Apple launched Swift language, the company also released two rich and highly interactive coding environments, which will help beginners to learn how to code. Xcode Playgrounds is there that is an environment and a part of a Mac application called Xcode and enables you to learn and explore Swift, prototype parts of your application and develop learning environments for others.

Apart from this, there is also one application that is known as Swift Playgrounds, delivering the same interactive environment as Xcode Playgrounds; however, in a much more exploratory fashion, enabling you to use your iPad’s hardware also.

From this, we came to the point #2 – the environment for learning Swift is far more engaging and delivers instant feedback, making concepts a lot easier to learn. It is one such type of environment, which is not unique to Swift; however, Apple is doing some of the wonderful things that are mainly with the iPad application, making learning easy for beginners.


Swift is one such wonderful language that comes with numerous modern aspects and the most important aspect of the language is that it is easier to read and write than Objective-C. On the web, you can check out the written that this doesn’t matter as everything is simpler to comprehend once you have had enough experience in it.

It is not as easy as it sounds to understand the concepts already without getting tripped up the reading code. You will also not have your programs crash as you forgot a semicolon at the end of the line. Moreover, these are some of the minor things once you get used to it as certainly, there are advantages that Swift brings to the table for beginners. 

Being the modern language, Swift will lower the barrier to entry for many people, making it simpler to focus on concepts than on extraneous syntax. To review, it is essential to learn and comprehend the basics of programming that is the very first step in your journey to learn iPhone development with Swift.
Safe & Secure

At the time of launching Swift, Apple claimed three things, including safe, modern, and powerful. All those who are newbie, modernity, and power of programming language do not mean to them, they just care about the safety.

When you start learning how to program, the hardest thing is not knowing what went wrong. Indeed, there is a huge benefit from figuring that out yourself and learning from it; however, the lack of right feedback can put some off.

Moreover, Swift is one such language that can prevent a complete category of mistakes or errors from arising and inform us iteratively of what we are performing wrong. Being a safer and secure language, it will benefit you by ensuring that your code writing experience will be less frustrating.

Still, Objective-C is Important

However, it would be a quite big mistake not to learn Objective-C as there are several reasons why you should learn Objective-C and why it is still important.

     As you know that there are enormous projects that are written in Objective-C. However, there are various Objective-C projects in the App Store compared to the Swift projects. Being a professional iOS developer, you need to learn Objective-C to maintain these projects as it doesn’t make sense to shift an Objective-C project to Swift.
     In Objective-C, there are lots of libraries and frameworks. And, it is true that you wanted to use them and you also want to adjust the code.
     Ultimately, Objective is still a wonderful and advanced programming language.

Learning Both Swift & Objective-C

As Apple didn’t launch a brand-new language just for the fun, so the launch of Swift is the rapid iteration by the core team and the effort at increasing adoption in the community all deliver a clear indication that Apple sees Swift as the future of its platforms.

The company has some of the big plans for Swift with work well underway for server side Swift and usage in embedded systems. If you have decided to be the part of the iOS community, Swift should be your primary development language.

Along with Swift, Objective-C is still here and the company is making lots of efforts to bring improvements to the language. Therefore, it is better you learn both and make yourself aware of enormous possibilities.

If you are looking for the help from professional iOS developers, you can get in touch with any trusted iPhone app development company that will comprehend your needs and give a high-end solution.
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