What Do You Look for in Best Buy Tablets?

Choose the best buy tablets for you. Most who have never owned a tablet before but are eager to shop for one may find it difficult to choose the most suitable model. For one, there are so many brands to choose from, you will find it hard to even think of possibly the most basic question of all: an android tablet or an Apple tablet?

Of course Apple tablets cost so much more and are definitely more efficient than your ordinary model; however the price and the brand may not just be the features that you are looking for in a tablet. Here are things that you may need to consider in buying a tablet.

·     Operating system

In choosing best buy tablets the first thing that you must consider is the device’s operating system. Just like in laptops and PCs, operating system is the heart of a device. You need to find the most efficient and the most reliable OS to suit your needs. The Apple iOS is one of its plusses; it is seamless, easy to use and users find it intuitive. Leading android OS are from Google’s line of mobile OS and if you want the best and the most efficient then get a tablet with the latest Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. If the iOS is reliable and seamless the Jelly Bean is versatile and could work with multiple users or logins.

Of course, the best buy tablets don’t forget the competitive Windows phones and tablets that are getting a large share of the market these days. For users who simply cannot part with their PCs then a tablet with Windows 7 or Windows 8 may be the best option for you. Every application and program that you have grown to love in a PC is available in portable tablet form.

 Tablet screen size

You would want a tablet with a larger screen size since you would surely love to enjoy music videos, movies and games in a larger screen. You may choose from as large as a 10.1 inch screen and screens with impressive features like multi-touch functions, capacitive touch screens and high definition displays.


Of course you would need to look for tablets that are capable of connecting via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB so that you can enjoy faster and seamless data transfer as well as Internet connection. Possible larger storage capacity (expandable via memory card slot) is also very important especially when you are into songs, movies, videos and downloading files from the internet. These are important in the best buy tablets.

      Other important features

Best buy tablets must also provide suitable audio, with helpful apps, HDMI outputs, with HDMI outputs to connect to a monitor, high definition televisions and projectors, with built-in front view and rear view cameras and are Energy Star compliant/certified.

     Price and warranties

When it comes to price, the best buy tablets need to be reasonably-priced after all; there is no price for high quality and impressive features. Also be particular about product warranties, accessories and parts in case your device needs service while it is still in warranty.

      A Comparison of Tablet Operating Systems

The operating system is the heart of every tablet computing device. Just like in PCs, operating systems dictate what you can basically do with your handy device and if you are in the market for the best tablets, here are different tablets and their corresponding operating systems.

      The iPad iOS

The current iPad model carries the iOS 6. The iOS prides itself as the most advanced operating system with its easy to use interface, unique features, stable computing and intuitive capabilities. The iOS has been the foundation of all Apple portable computing devices and what makes it better than most tablet OS is that it has more built-in apps, with Siri, Apple’s voice recognition application and with the iOS 6 there are more features to enjoy like built-in maps,  shared photo streams, Passbook and FaceTime to name a few.

       The Android phone operating system

Android phones use Google’s android OS and the latest is the Google Jelly Bean. What’s convenient in using an android phone is that its operating system allows users to take Google anywhere they want to go and we all know that Google provides total web convenience compared to other browsers. With Google in your tablet you can use Google and Google Chrome, use Google Maps, enjoy Google Play, watch and upload videos in YouTube and connect and share with Google +. There are also convenient widgets, apps and notifications that you can use with your device; multitasking is also a breeze especially when you have the latest android operating system in your tablet computing device.

      The Windows phone Windows OS

The Windows phone is a cool way to use Windows applications while you are on the go. These convenient devices uses the Windows family OS with the latest Windows 8. And since this device runs on Windows, you can pretty much do anything that you can do with your personal computer like use Office applications (Word, Excel, One Note, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.) and you may also multitask to your heart’s content. With a Windows phone, your operating system and software updates are delivered straight to your phone and applications for the phone are available at the Windows Phone Store.

     The BlackBerry OS

A BlackBerry device runs on BlackBerry OS which was developed by BlackBerry Ltd for its smart phones. Compared to other tablets and smart phones, the BlackBerry OS allows faster multitasking and total ease of use since it was made especially for the applications and devices that run with the BlackBerry. This portable device has several unique accessories like the track wheel, trackball and the track pad that are run exclusively with the use of the BlackBerry operating system. Another unique capability of this OS is that it can support corporate email and even synchronization with other platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Novell and for Lotus Domino. Updates with the BlackBerry OS are available through wireless carriers as well as support for the OS. The latest version operating system for this handy computing device is the BlackBerry 10.

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